• Eggcellent Options

    Served with toast and home fries. Sub mixed greens for home fries 2.00 Sub egg whites 1.75 +avocado 2.25 +micro-greens 2.00 +protein (bacon, sausage, smoked ham, ground chorizo, roasted chicken or tofu) 2.50

  • The Standard

    Two eggs any style and two pieces of bacon or sausage links. Served with toast and home fries. 9.75

    sub seasoned tofu for eggs 1.75

  • Nova Skosh Scramble

    Two eggs scrambled with wild Alaskan hot smoked salmon, green onions and cream cheese. 12.50 sub tofu for eggs 1.75

  • The Meat Lover

    Smoked ham, bacon, sausage link and white cheddar cheese. 12.50

  • Forager Omelette

    Mushrooms, artichoke heart, roasted red peppers, summer squash, zucchini and provolone cheese. Vegetarian. 12.75

  • Gusto Chorizo Omelette

    Ground Mexican chorizo, roasted garlic purée, roasted red peppers, pepper jack cheese and served with our homemade tomato jam. 13.00

  • Benedictions

    Served with homefries. Sub mixed greens for homefries 2.00 + avocado 2.25 +micro-greens 2.00

  • Classic Eggs Benedict

    Smoked ham, poached eggs and hollandaise on English muffin. Served with home fries or greens. 11.75

  • Smoked Salmon Cake Benedict

    Two seared smoked salmon cakes topped with poached eggs and hollandaise sauce. 14.25

  • Fried Green Tomato Benedict

    Fried green tomatoes topped with avocado, crispy bacon, poached eggs and hollandaise sauce. Finished with fresh basil and red pepper flakes. 13.00

  • Tom Avo

    Roasted tomato, avocado, poached eggs and hollandaise on English muffin.  Vegetarian 12.25

  • Locavore

    Grassfed beef summer sausage, poached eggs and hollandaise on sourdough. Topped with microgreens.  13.50

  • Switch It Up – 1/2 and 1/2

    One of each Benedict of your choice. Price Varies.

  • Hot Off The Griddle: Pancakes, French Toast & Waffles

    + whip cream .50 Sub pure maple syrup 1.50

  • Pancakes

    Buttermilk pancakes. Vegetarian  (1) 5.25 (2) 8.75
    + blueberries 1.25 per cake

  • The Deuce

    Two buttermilk pancakes topped with two eggs any style and two pieces of bacon. 10.50

  • Strawberry Cream Cheese French Toast

    Thick vanilla and cinnamon challah bread, French toast stuffed with sweet strawberry cream cheese filling and finished with powdered sugar. 11.00

  • Belgian Waffle

    Traditional Belgian waffle served with fresh fruit. Vegetarian 9.00

  • Chia Waffle

    Half waffle, topped with coconut oil and raspberry coulis. Served with fresh fruit. Vegetarian, Gluten Free 9.75

  • The “Morning After”

    Cheesy Belgian waffle topped with two eggs any style and two pieces of bacon. 10.75


  • Nova’s Starlicious-Dishes

  • Huevos Rancheros

    Flour tortilla (or sub corn) with black bean chili, two sunny-side up eggs and cheddar cheese. Topped with salsa, sour cream, jalapeños and corn tortilla strips. 12.25
    + avocado 2.25
    + protein (bacon, pulled pork, sausage, smoked ham, ground chorizo, roasted chicken or tofu 2.50

  • Mushroom ‘Bacon’ & Egg Breakfast Tacos

    Our vegetarian take on the classic breakfast taco (or make it vegan, sub seasoned tofu for eggs 1.75). Two corn tortillas filled with mushroom “bacon” tossed in tamari, scrambled eggs and avocado. Topped with microgreens and served with our house-made pico de gallo. 12.00

  • Mom’s Breakfast Burrito

    Two eggs scrambled with bacon, white cheddar cheese and home fries wrapped in a flour tortilla. Served with salsa and sour cream. 11.75 +black bean chili 1.00 +avocado 2.25 +protein (bacon, pulled pork, sausage, smoked ham, ground chorizo, roasted chicken or tofu) 2.50

  • Biscuits & Gravy

    Biscuits smothered in sausage gravy  and topped with two eggs any style. Served with home fries. 11.75

  • Breakfast Sandwich

    Two eggs scrambled with bacon and white cheddar cheese on focaccia. Topped with our homemade tomato jam. Served with home fries. 11.75 sub mixed greens for homefries 2.00

  • Turkey Hash Bowl

    Roasted turkey sautéed with red and green peppers, onions, squash, zucchini, pine nuts and potatoes. Topped with two poached eggs and hollandaise. Served with toast. 12.75

  • Forbidden Hash

    Forbidden black rice, sweet potatoes, roasted red peppers, baby kale, potatoes and sesame seeds. Topped with two sunny-side up eggs, sesame soy drizzle and wasabi wonton strips. Served with toast. Vegetarian 12.75

  • Sweet Treats

  • Toasted Bagel

    WHOLE WHEAT, EVERYTHING OR CINNAMON RAISIN. Toasted and served with cream cheese $3.50

  • Granola

    (with milk or milk alternative) 6.75
    +yogurt 2.00 
    +fresh fruit 2.50

  • Baked Goods

    Made in-house daily. Ask your server for today’s selection. Price Varies.


  • Sides

  • Eggs

    Any style GF 1.75 Each

  • Bacon (3)

    GF 4.00

  • Sausage Links (3)

    GF 4.25

  • Smoked Ham (2)

    GF 4.25

  • Ground Chorizo

    GF 3.00

  • Home Fries

    Vegetarian, GF 3.75

  • Avocado

    Vegetarian, GF 2.25

  • Toast

    Whole wheat, white, rye, sourdough, focaccia, English muffin. Vegetarian 2.25

  • Biscuit

    Vegetarian 2.50

  • Fresh Fruit

    Varies seasonally. Vegetarian, GF 4.50

  • Greek Yogurt

    Vegetarian GF 2.75

We are happy to make alterations to meet dietary needs – just ask!

Please note that consuming raw or undercooked meats, poultry, seafood, shellfish or eggs may increase your risk of foodborne illness.

We feature locally & regionally sourced and/or organic products whenever possible

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