Nova Cafe desires to enrich the lives of its guests, employees and community. We strive to be an integral part of our community by supporting local and regional farmers, producers and other local businesses. By supporting Nova Cafe you are supporting our unique Bozeman community.

Bausch Potatoes

Produce | Whitehall, MT

Bausch Potatoes is owned and operated by 3rd generation farmer Mark Bausch and his wife Denise. Their 45 acre farm just South of Whitehall, Montana has been in operation since 1947 and now grows and processes potatoes for use in restaurants, schools and hospitals around Central and Western Montana.

Rockford Coffee Roasters

Coffee | Bozeman, MT

Rockford is a locally owned coffee shop and roaster here in Bozeman. Owners Ryan and Kristin Wilson are passionate about crafting good coffee and their beans are thoughtfully and sustainably sourced, carefully roasted and consistently delicious.

Montana Roots

Produce | Livingston, MT

Montana Roots is a small farm that uses sustainable and organic agriculture practices to grow healthy, vibrant food year-round. They use primarily aquaponics to grow their produce – a symbiotic method of raising fish and plants together in a recirculating ecosystem. They also run a non-profit arm called Root Down that works designs, constructs and helps maintain year-round food production systems, specializing in living aquaponic classroom systems for schools.

Dean’s Zesty Booch

Beverages | Bozeman, MT

Dean’s Zesty Booch is a craft kombucha brewery, cannery and tasting room in the Cannery District on Bozeman’s North Side. They serve up a variety of sparkling Kombucha flavors, infused with organic fruits, herbs and spices.

Wheat Montana

Bakery | Three Forks, MT

The Folkvord family has been involved in agriculture for three generations. Their wheat growing operations now encompass 15,000 acres of the most productive soil in Montana and they are still family owned and operated. Their facility includes grain cleaning, processing, flour milling and a full scale bakery that services a five state area.


Non-Profit Partnerships | Bozeman, MT

Treasure State Honey

Condiments | Fort Shaw, MT

Steep Mountain Teas

Tea Blends | Big Timber, MT

Steep Mountain Tea House was created by Inspired Madness when they acquired Townshend’s Bozeman Teahouse in late 2020. The name Steep Mountain was inspired by the beautiful mountains here in Bozeman, Montana.

They partner with the world’s most meticulous and well traveled tea buyers who have formed on-the-ground relationships with the families who farm and produce our teas. They believe in creating the smallest impact possible on our natural environment. They carry the old favorites you knew and loved at Townshend’s Bozeman Teahouse, along with some exciting new teas and treats.

Grains of Montana

Uncategorized | Bozeman, MT

At Grains of Montana Bakery, our family has prided ourselves on quality since opening in 2008. Our bakery strives to deliver a product that is above all the rest.  We surpass other companies’ standard for freshness and flavor with our innovative hands on processes and fast delivery through our key distribution channels.Whether it is in your favorite restaurant’s kitchen or sitting on your table at home, we are proud to serve you.

We do things differently. We do them right. And with every bite, our customers thank us for it.

The Nielsen Family

Pioneer Meats

Uncategorized | Bozeman, MT

On The Rise

Uncategorized | Bozeman, MT

Amaltheia Organic Dairy

Dairy | Bozeman, MT

Amaltheia Organic Dairy is a sustainable organic farm producing goat cheese, pork and produce.