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Blog posts in Nova Staff

Employee of the Month: Allison

Allison’s spirit animal is a redwood tree because it’s tall and strong, just like her. Allison has an almost indescribable gift that we just call “it.” She is unflappable, patient, and cares endlessly for her Nova family. Allison minds the details for us, encourages her coworkers, and inspires us all to work a little harder, simply by example. She’s special to each of us, and always takes the time to let us know we’re special to her, too.

Employee of the month: Ashley

Ashley is a new addition to the Nova family, and we already know we can expect great things of her. Originally from California, she came to Bozeman for school and the great outdoors. Her spirit animal is a baby puma and her special skill is that she can roll her tongue into 3 loops! Her favorite Nova dish is the Turkey Hash with Cheesy Scrambled Eggs, and she’s a member of both #teamsavory and #teamsweet. When she’s not working at Nova, she’s running, hiking, or studying. 

Employee of the month: Peter

Peter 3 Peter’s astrological sign is coniferous and his spirit animal is a sea turtle. His special skill is hammocking in high places. His greatest accomplishment is replicating his grandma’s pie, but he’s #teamsavory all the way and his favorite Nova dish is the Forbidden Hash.

Employee of the Month: Andrew F.

Andrew Andrew loves baseball, billiards, music and more baseball. His spirit animal is the Ikea monkey, because he’s lost yet assured... His favorite thing about working at the Nova is the camraderie and the food. His favorite Nova dishes are the Huevos Rancheros and the Breakfast Sandwich w/Avocado. #teamsavory all the way!