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Featured Employee: Alex

Alex moved to Montana from Sheboygan, WI (possibly the coolest town name ever.) She joined our team this spring and has shown herself to be a natural at working in our fast-paced environment. She is fast, accurate and hard working.


If she was an animal, she’d either be a dog because of the comfortable lifestyle and snacks, or a wolf because she loves being wild and free in the outdoors. Her favorite Nova meal is the Chia Waffle and she’s on both #teamsavory and #teamsweet.


Featured Employee: Anna


Anna (pronounced Ah-nuh) is a shooting star, and we’re so fortunate to have her in our Nova sky. Anna leads her team with grace and love, and comes to work to do her very best every day. She joined us 5 years ago as a high school senior and has worked her way up to Front of House Manager.