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Blog posts in Employee of the Month

Employee of the Month: Glover

Courtney, aka Glover, aka G. Love manages our front of house staff and hands out affection and guidance in equal measure. Her smile is the sweetest we’ve ever seen, and her lighthearted playfulness is infectious. She has a big, loving heart and acts as the mama bear to our entire crew. She works hard while making it look easy, and her absence is noticeable when she’s gone.

Employee of the month: Peter

Peter 3 Peter’s astrological sign is coniferous and his spirit animal is a sea turtle. His special skill is hammocking in high places. His greatest accomplishment is replicating his grandma’s pie, but he’s #teamsavory all the way and his favorite Nova dish is the Forbidden Hash.

Employee of the Month: Andrew F.

Andrew Andrew loves baseball, billiards, music and more baseball. His spirit animal is the Ikea monkey, because he’s lost yet assured... His favorite thing about working at the Nova is the camraderie and the food. His favorite Nova dishes are the Huevos Rancheros and the Breakfast Sandwich w/Avocado. #teamsavory all the way!