Best Breakfast in Bozeman now Offering Hand Blended Local Teas!!!

Although this snowy winter weather is great for skiers and snowboarders around town, it’s left a lot of people chilly and in need of warming up. Luckily for Bozeman, the Nova Cafe has a great selection of teas, all made locally by Kitchen T.L.C. And what’s not to like about that? As Kitchen T.L.C.’s website even states, “Tea. Life. Chocolate. We knew you’d like us!”

Along with creating 2 lb party truffles (that’s right, TWO pounds of truffle!), Kitchen T.L.C. hand blends a huge variety of custom teas. They’re made of the highest quality ingredients, often from local, organic sources. And of course, the Nova Cafe serves up a variety sure to please every kind of tea lover.

Interested in the Nova Cafe’s selection of T.L.C. teas? Here are just a few of them:

Citrus Sunshine - This is a new Kitchen T.L.C. tea and the Nova Cafe was the very first place it became available! It’s an organic herbal tea that will remind you of summer during the cold winter months. Citrus Sunshine is a rooibos tea with notes of orange, lemon, and lemongrass.

Floatin the Yellowstone - Named for the river that flows nearby, this tea blend is wonderful in the morning with a little milk. It’s an organic English Breakfast blend of Indian teas, full of hearty flavor and a wonderful aroma.

Purple Earl - It’s a delicious Earl Grey, but stands out from the crowd by having the distinguishing feature of organic lavender flowers blended in.

K2 Descent - Did you read the bestselling book Three Cups of Tea? Did you absolutely adore it? (Of course you did!) Well, Bozeman is lucky enough to be called home by Greg Mortenson and his nonprofit, the Central Asia Institute. Half of the proceeds from this calming tea, composed of chamomile, orange peel, mint, and lemongrass, will be donated to the Central Asia Institute. It’s also herbal and decaffeinated, making it the perfect relaxing tea. (Not to mention the peace of mind you’ll get from supporting such an amazing nonprofit!)

If you want to check out the rest of the Nova Cafe’s selection of teas, which, remember, are all bought and created here in Bozeman, stop on by!