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Featured Non-Profit: The Bozeman 3

From now until the end of September, with every special ordered off our specials board, we will be donating to The Bozeman 3, whose mission is to financially support Gallatin County families whose child has received a cancer diagnosis, to provide peer support by connecting local families whose children have or have had cancer, and to support pediatric cancer research.

The Bozeman 3 arose out of a unique bond between three families forged in their shared experience of fighting for the lives of their children diagnosed with pediatric cancer, far from the support and beauty of their homes in the Gallatin Valley of Montana. They met in the hallways of Seattle Children’s Hospital’s Oncology Unit in early 2012.  While each child faced a different form of cancer, these children, along with their parents, possessed a resolve to fight. We feel privileged to be able to assist in this fight by donating, and you can help by ordering any one of the rotating daily specials.

You can learn more about The Bozeman 3 on their website.