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Employee of the Month: Will


Will is new to the Nova team and from day one he fit right in. He is dependable, hard working and kind. He values being part of the team and is always willing to lend a hand in any area of the kitchen. 

Will’s spirit animal is a wolf because they’re beautiful, bad ass and often misunderstood. His favorite Nova meal is the Chia Waffle with bee pollen, bananas and agave. He’s on both #teamsavory and #teamsweet. When he’s not working at Nova, he’s doing baseball stats analysis (he has his own algorithm!) or yoga, pilates, snowboarding and, most importantly, hanging out with his daughter.

Will epitomizes the Nova values of teamwork, hard work and caring for co-workers and customers. Thank you for all your hard work Will! We are so glad you joined the team.