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Employee of the Month: Andrew B.

Andrew B., aka Kandy, grew up in Livingston. Hs spirit animal is a panda, because they’re chill. When he’s not working he loves to be outside. He’s a member of #teamsavory and his favorite Nova meal is the Breakfast Burrito. Wise beyond his years, he is a critical-thinker,  innovative problem solver and work horse. He is self-motivated, positive, intelligent, thorough, funny, fun and a fountain of random and interesting facts. 

His education and passion for sustainability and bio-energy shine through in his work. Andrew is our Lead Prep Cook and a solid line cook. He lays a sturdy foundation for the great and consistent food we serve here at the Nova Cafe. 

Thank you Andrew for all of your hard work, you’re simply wonderful and as sweet as KANDY!!!