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Employee of the Month: Allison

Allison’s spirit animal is a redwood tree because it’s tall and strong, just like her. Allison has an almost indescribable gift that we just call “it.” She is unflappable, patient, and cares endlessly for her Nova family. Allison minds the details for us, encourages her coworkers, and inspires us all to work a little harder, simply by example. She’s special to each of us, and always takes the time to let us know we’re special to her, too.

Allison is from Aspen, CO and moved here for school - she now has a master’s degree! She’s a member of #teamsavory and her favorite Nova meal is the Huevos. When she’s not at Nova, she’s outdoors having fun with her pups and her boyfriend. Thank you for all your dedication and hard work Allison!