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Employee of the Month: Kristin

KristinKristin - Nova Cafe Employee of the MonthNova Cafe Employee of the Month Kristin This Montana native’s spirit animal is half house cat/half alley cat. Her fave Nova meals are The Standard and Cornmeal Pancakes. She’s been with Nova off and on since 2007. Head chef Mike says this about her: “Dedication, culinary fortitude, enthusiasm, creativity and grill phenom... just a few words to describe the fantastic person, cook, friend, actor, singer, drummer and Novite who is Kristin. She is the longest employed, still standing and somewhat sane cook here at Nova. She sets the bar high for the model Nova cook. Thorough and efficient, she has created standards and protocols which have increased efficiency and performance in the kitchen. Kris is a “Keystone Cook” held up and holding up our whole crew. Thank you Kristin for your early morning enthusiasm and bright mood - you are a gastronomical blessing.”